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Liquid fired thermic fluid heater

Liquid Fired Thermic Fluid Heater

Thermotech” : Thermic Fluid Heater’s are available in Horizontal & Vertical Models where in thermic fluid can be heated up to normal 340 oC at near atmospheric pressure with efficiency as high as 92% on GCV of Oil and Gas fuel.

Thermic Fluid Heater Capacity = 0.1 MKcal/hr to 15 MKcal/hr

Maximum Temperature = 370 Deg. C


Chemical, Textile, Technical Textile, MDF and Particle Board, Plywood and Laminates, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Metal, etc...

Fuel to Handle : Furnace Oil, LDO, Diesel, N. Gas, LPG, Hydrogen, etc..

Quality Assurance : ISO 9001 : 2008 since more than 7 years.

Thermic Heater - Gas Oil / Fired Burner

“THERMOTECH” : THERMIC FLUID HEATER’S are available in HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL MODELS where in thermic fluid can be heated up to normal 340 oC at near atmospheric pressure with efficiency as high as 92% on GCV of Oil and Gas fuel.

The Main Heat Exchanger is designed with an integrated combustion chamber made out of High Heat Resistant Steel Tubes : BS 3059 P-1 or Seamless Pipes : SA106 Gr.B S40 of adequate size, explicitly designed with twin concentric multi start helical coil. The Coil is inserted into M.S. Shell with structures supports to place complete assembly leveled.

The system is 3 pass on flue gas side, which ensures optimum heat transfer with counter current flow principle. The combustion chamber is designed to maintain safe distance between coil tube surface and burner flame, which ensures optimum heat transfer, long thermic fluid life due to lesser film temperature & safety of helical coil tube, which ultimately safeguards the complete heat exchanger.


This new “HT” series of Thermic Fluid Heater – Horizontal model is improved version, which have demonstrated their good design & to which new Technologies & Materials are added to improve efficiency up to 93%, energy saving, simplify the maintenance, low smoke emission & able to integrate with PLC & SCADA system with ease.

The Stack Heat from Exhaust flue gases of Main Heat Exchanger are recovered by means of Combustion Air Pre Heater (CAPH) & fresh combustion air is preheated before going to burner, which improves combustion efficiency, reduces stack temperature, reduce fuel consumption & save environment.

The Combustion Fuels :

“THERMOTECH” : Thermic Fluid Heaters are designed for all commercial & special fuels available in market for combustion.

Fuels like : Kerosene / Diesel / Light Diesel Oil (LDO-LFO) / Furnace Oil (HFO) / Natural Gas / LPG / Pipeline N. Gas, etc. are combustible with same efficiency, which is thankful to our combustion experts who designs combustion parameters & Air to fuel ratio for best output.